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11-16 MARCH 2023

Mellow Beach House - Sidi Kaouki - Morocco

To open your heart at its deepest level is to allow any sense of separateness between yourself & other beings to totally dissolve, realising the oneness of being & the flow of our collective consciousness. Feeling the formless presence of another & then recognising that exact same formless essence within your self, is love.


Love Flows is a retreat for anyone who has a desire to connect with themselves, the universe, consciousness

& all beings on a deeper understanding.

During this retreat you will explore the journey of love through various forms of practice that align with the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga;

The physical practice or yoga asana, will explore the path towards unlocking deeper back bending or heart opening postures. The 90 minute practices will be creative flows of fluid vinyasa sequences, sanskrit chanting, meditation, pranayama or breathing practices, spiritual inquiry, music and relaxation. Everyone is welcomed to join and adaptations will be given to suit your individual practice. The morning classes will be taught in the style of a Jivamukti Open class and will be more vigorous and challenging. The evening practices will be more restorative and gentle, focusing on bringing your body and mind into a more restful state.  A two hour yoga workshop exploring self love themes will be held during one afternoon.


  • 5 nights in an eco responsable beach house

  • 2 yoga classes a day, each of 90 minutes

  • transfers from/to Essouira Airport

  • daily breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • afternoon trip to Essouira Medina

  • welcome ceremony

  • closing ceremony

  • 2 hour workshop

  • tea &  coffee

  • a massage

  • gifts


  • transfers from any other airport than Essouira

  • flights or travel arrangements to Morocco

  • travel insurance   /   health insurance

  • additional activities / treatments 

  • additional food or drinks

  • spending money

Please inquire if you need advice about planning anything above. 

  • shastra - study of ancient scriptures

  • bhakti - the practice of love and devotion

  • ahimsā - uplifting the lives of others

  • nāda - deep listening, honoring music

  • dhyana - the practice of meditation.

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saturday arrival 

arrive in the afternoon - welcome circle & gifts - buffet dinner

daily itinary 

breakfast - morning jivamukti yoga - lunch

free time / trip to Essouira / massage / workshop

evening  restorative yoga - buffet dinner 

chill time / sunset / hiking / closing circle

thursday departure

departure breakfast -  check out before 11am - transfers to airport

The itinary has been designed to offer a strong focus around yoga with plenty of time for food and relaxation in between. Most should find the days to be quite full but feel free to inquire about booking additional activities such as surfing, especially if you know that you are quite an active soul.


Each meal is lovingly prepared by the Mellow Beach House chefs and will be served in a buffet style, offering a choice of traditional local dishes as well as healthy home favorites. We encourage a low impact, cruelty free vegan diet that aligns with the teachings of yoga but there will be options to suit everyone, including those with allergies and intolerances. 

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single bed in a shared room

shared bathroom

590€ pp

double bed in a shared room

shared bathroom

620€ pp

double bed in a private room

shared bathroom

countryside views

670€ pp

double bed in a private room

private bathroom

ocean views


*pp - prices are per person

Mellow is a one of a kind,  eco-responsable, energy sufficient  beach house, run by friendly hosts Aïda & Nico.  They emphasise welcoming all guests as if they were family or friends and place importance on respecting the environment, aiming to minimise our impact on earth. The atmosphere at Mellow Beach House is peaceful and calming, offering guests the chance to reconnect with stillness & nature.


Located 20 minutes from Essouira in the sleepy bohemian surfing & fishing village of Sidi Kaouki, a stay at Mellow Beach House is a beautiful way to discover the wilder landscapes of Morocco.

Each bedroom at Mellow offers a relaxing Morocain beach vibe and are fully equipped with fresh bedding, towels and bathroom necessities. 

Please inquire about prices if you are booking as a couple.

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"I had the most wonderful week at Sarah's yoga retreat in France. From the moment I messaged Sarah to enquire about the retreat she was excellent with communication and helped me organise everything to ensure minimal stress both leading up to the trip and during.

The villa we stayed in was beautiful and the meals were brilliant. As someone who lives a freelance lifestyle, which is the difficult combination of being very busy all the time with no regular structure, having a schedule to stick to every day was something I really appreciated. Even more so that it was optional and each individual on the trip was able to experience the week in the way that they wanted to. Morning meditations and the regular different styles of yoga each day really aided both my physical yoga practice and my mental growth for the better. I had multiple breakthroughs on this trip and left feeling the closest to myself that I've ever felt. 

I'm very much looking forward to the next one!"

Shakira, UK

"Sarah is one of the most compassionate, clear and gentle yoga teachers I’ve had the chance to practice with.

I’ve spent a week with her during a Jivamukti Yoga retreat in Moliets and loved every minute of her presence.

Thank you Sarah for holding space for us to be more free, loving and expressive."


Juliette Delory


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