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Join a growing community of practitioners from around the world who chose to dedicate time and love to their minds, bodys and souls from their own homes or work spaces.  Every week you will have opportunity to access multiple group yoga classes that aim to establish a strong foundation in heart opening, balancing, cleansing, strengthening, flowing. and more. Sarita`s online classes are 1 hour including meditation, sanksrit chanting, pranayama (breathing practices), asana (postures), spiritual inquiry, sound and shavasana (relaxation). 


Check the schedule and use the sign up form,

selecting the date & time of the class you would like to join. 

The online studio space is always the same !    Sarita Flows 

After you`ve clicked in,

wait a few moments to be admitted

Please try to be on time,

a few minutes early is even better.


Each class is 10€. Secure your spot via paypal 

Please pay before the class begins.

If  you would like to receive personal feedback,

make sure you entire body and mat fits in the camera view with good lighting.

If you prefer to have a more private practice you are welcome to keep your camera off.  


A yoga mat, sports mat

or simply a comfortable, level floor space at the very minimum.

Comfortable clothing

that allows you to move freely,

without any irritating buttons or straps.

Yoga bricks, a yoga strap, blankets and cushions are recommended but not necessary. 

Feel free to ask for brand advice if you interested in purchasing new equipment.

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"It was the very first session I had and I thought it might be weird doing yoga with someone online but I enjoyed practicing yoga with Sarah A LOT! Sarah`s personality and her voice really help you calm down and enjoy every second of yoga practice. The flow was structured towards my personal needs and just perfect to end a day full of working. 


I had this wonderful and calm feeling inside me after the practice and I felt inner peace throughout! 

I`m already looking forward to being back on the mat with Sarah!"


Michelle Benz


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I started teaching online during the first covid lockdown and continued on to lead a 5 day online retreat. I`ve taken many breaks from teaching online simply because I prefer to teach in person. From January to July 2022 I taught weekly online classes for the winter olympics comitee and this experience helped me to solidify what makes a professional online practice.


The reason I am back & more committed than before is due to the huge amount of requests I had for online yoga this summer. Thanks to my the wonderful international students that I met here in France.

The pictures above are of my online class space, a spare room in my home. I am continuously working to improve your experience and can`t wait to see this space evolve as I invest in better technology. I  am very confident that my teachings of presence, gratitude and flow can be felt through a screen regardless of what equipment I am using.

Thank you for your support during my journey,

Sarita <3