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endings, rebirth and finding a new flow

(Deep down we are all very much aware that nothing lasts for ever. Though I believe most of us pretend that this is not the case. If we truly honored the impermenance of  life, would we be living the way we did? If we honored each person we love knowing they could soon walk away, would we treat them the same? What is it that makes us behave in a way that believes everything is unshakable and permenant. )

I have always found such a force within the end of the year, the beginning of a new one. 

Its simply that feeling of getting another chance

A clean page to rewrite your story

Many things come to end on rythmic bases, in nature especially

the literal day always ends 

the seasons they end too 

the life of any being, any plant

the end of a swell

of a storm

rivers end when they join the ocean

mountains end at the top

in our lives, whilst we are living

relationships end

friendships end

jobs end

chapters end 

So why do we still mourn these endings

as if they were never meant to come

do we really believe things can last

or are we simply afraid of facing them

because if we faced endings before they end

wouldnt we live more joyfully?

wouldnt we marvel at every autumn leaf

wouldnt we never miss a swim in the summer sun

never miss a kiss from our loved ones

a dance in the rain

a sunrise

we are simply afraid of facing that it could be the last.

As the year closes in, I want you to take a meditave seat to appreciate all the impermenant things that exist in your life. If you feel safe enough, you may even deepen this practice by imagining a world where these things no longer exist. Where you no longer exist.

Can you reflect on a recent ending ? Maybe a break up, a job loss, the loss of a friendship or the warmth of the summer sun?

How are you actively rebirthing from that loss? Maybe you are stilll nestled in a tight cocoon and can start to reflect on your rebirthing process. 

Many things rebirth in nature

beautiful fungii use dead plant and animal matter to reproduce

the sun rebirths every morning

in our lives we rebirth with

a new sense of self

creative outlets

movement pratices that bring joy

learning to love being alone

new and healthier relationships

fulfilling new friendships

jobs that offer us a better life balance

new towns and communities that support us

if we knew all of this 

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