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sarita सरित , a river, in constant flow.

I believe in love & oneness. My daily practice is directed towards the universe as a prayer of gratitude. Sharing yoga with the world is my primary passion and I love to teach the importance of being grateful, of how vibrating at that joyful frequency, attracts copious amounts of beautiful things, people and circumstances. 

To move our bodies lovingly, to explore their potential, is an act of gratitude. Challenging postures have always attracted me as a practioner and a teacher because of the amount of growth that is available outside of comfort. Just like in life, there is so much flow and surrender to be learnt in the hardest of moments. By tuning into our breath, relaxing our faces and accepting the moment as it is, we can create so much beauty out of difficult postures and equally in difficult life moments. 

At age 5 I had my first memorable awakening. Sat in the back of my mums car, I followed the moon with my gaze. As we sped along the highway, the moon seemed to stay in one place. When my mum explained to me why, the vastness of the universe hit me. I began to scream in joy, so excited about being alive. Since this moment, my life has been deeply focused around growth and awakenings.


I have had a meditation practice for as long as I can remember but I didn't know what it was until I was 11. My auntie who was a medium, found me sitting under the cherry tree at the end of the garden. She gave me the word meditation and my curiosities suddenly had more meaning. When my mother passed away when I was 13, I was propelled into a deep journey of self inquiry, of which I will always be on, of which I can always find gratitude for.

My friends and students honour me for my kindness. I have always wanted every individual I meet to feel understood, loved and seen. When I look into the eyes of another being, I can feel the entire universe experiencing itself through our gaze. This is what I hope to share to my students. That they are whole, enough, beautiful, magic and divine. That they are so special, lovable and unique. That they have the entire cosmos residing in their cells. That they can create the life they have always dreamed of. 


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Sarah began her path to becoming a teacher in 2016 at the Santosha Yoga Institue in Bali. However her most beloved & life changing teachings were passed onto her by David Life, Rima Rabbath and Carol Issa during the Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2017. She continues to study Jivamukti Yoga with Olga Oskorbina in Barcelona, her favourite studio which she visits on a monthly bases. 

Sarah lives in Hossegor, France, her home base of surfing, music & yoga. Find her classes at the Wasted Talent Boutique in Soorts. 

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