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Welcome to Sarita Flows

An online space and community for students and friends of yoga teacher Sarah Marie Manton

Join an online class, journey to Morocco for the Love Flows Retreat or book an in person class in Les Landes, France

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11 - 16 MARCH 2023



I have travelled so very far across the universe to explore and fall in love with every part of this human experience, whole heartedly trusting that each present moment, regardless if the mind perceives it to be good or bad, is exactly what my soul needs to continue on its journey through cosmic consciousness.


I am a young soul, experiencing the world around me to be extremely

fascinating and magical, as if each day would be my first on earth.  Yoga as a traditional spiritual practice; deep, authentic human connections; music with a strong heart beat; dancing all night to that music; and being totally immersed in nature are the things that make me feel most aligned.

The practice of meditation came into my life when I was 11 years old. I used to sit under the cherry tree in our garden and meditate on infinity, exploring the feeling of being as big as the entire universe and as small as the things that make up protons.  I was and still am extremely captivated by consciousness, dream worlds and the spirit realms. At aged thirteen my mother passed away from cancer and this single event propelled me into a deep journey of darkness and healing. Life is a divine play of shadow and light swirling and dancing, teaching and guiding.

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I encourage you to show up in yoga and in the world authentically, embracing all sides of yourself. We cannot find true and lasting happiness by burying pain and trauma deep within our bodies. The practices of yoga help to bring what is deeply hidden in the shadows up into lights visibility. 

I have been teaching yoga since 2016, certified in Jivamukti Yoga, Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa and Restorative.  The beautiful method of Jivamukti  has been my personal practice since 2017, after completing my teacher training with founder David Life,
facilitator Rima Rabbath and mentor Carol Issa. I feel sincerely grateful to have been guided by who I and many others believe to be some of the most influential yogis of our world. 

As a teacher, I am passionately committed to assisting you throughout your yoga journey. I have put to practice the balance of softness and strength, channelling it within my teaching and within life itself.  To grow into conscious, happy beings we must allow space for both rest, play and reflection as well as challenge, discipline and focus. 

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"Sarah is one the the most compassionate, clear and gentle yoga teachers I’ve had the chance to practice with.

I’ve spent a week with her during a Jivamukti Yoga retreat in Moliets and loved every minute of her presence.

Thank you Sarah for holding space for us to be more free, loving and expressive."


Juliette Delory



"The most magical yoga classes I have ever witnessed.  
Sarah’s warm and gentle presence combined with the beautiful location in the forest made me feel so grounded and created a truly unique space. Thank you Sarah for this wonderful experience and for introducing me to Jivamukti Yoga!"

Annika Imhoff



"Sarah embodies calmness and wisdom. She is by far my favourite Yoga Teacher and I can tell you, i`ve had a fair few.

Each moment with Sarah is rejuvenating, combining strength and connection. She`s allowed me to discover Jivamukti Yoga, a method that I didn`t know about before. A real love at first site. Sarah is very kind, available, in no way judgmental and beginners will feel confident to learn Yoga with her,

in the real way.  Do not hesitate."

Camille Duffau



"I had the most wonderful week at Sarah's yoga retreat in France. From the moment I messaged Sarah to enquire about the retreat she was excellent with communication and helped me organise everything to ensure minimal stress both leading up to the trip and during. I had multiple breakthroughs on this trip and left feeling the closest to myself that I've ever felt."

Shakira Newton