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Yoga invites us to show up in the world AUTHENTICALLY, embracing all corners of ourselves. We cannot find true and lasting PEACE by burying pain deep within the body.Through conscious MOVEMENT, intentional BREATHING & DEVOTION to a higher self, we allow prana or life force energy TO FLOW through the being, shedding light on what has been hidden & bringing BALANCE to the practitioners life.   

I loved learning more about yoga with Sarah. The chanting at the beginning of each class allowed us into Sarah's yogic world and experience. Whilst some classes were challenging, I enjoyed the challenge and never felt like I was being left out or behind if I couldn't follow. She was amazing at making everyone feel included and noting what was right for individual's bodies. She has a very a calm but instructive presence and communicated her intentions for the lesson easily and eloquently. A wonderful teacher and practice.
UK 2023
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